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Hey there!! I have decided to start a new blog for my days spent in Tokyo. This blog will be fresh, exciting, interesting and fun!! I will update a lot with loads of photos and this time, it'll be more personal!! For the ones who are interested and curious, check my new blog out here:


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The reason for my long absence...

I've been meaning to post this for a while now but somehow couldn't get to it without an answer from a specific place. The truth is, I didn't want to jinx anything but hey! no offense okay?! 'What the hell is this person talking about o.O?' right? The answer is to be found right below so read along to find out…

I am finally done with university (^_^)(^_^)

The results were in on June 15th and then on, it was finally and officially over!! I can't believe it, I really can't... Will someone please slap some awareness into me!!
Leaving one chapter behind, I am stepping on to another one. (sounds so cliché BUT true) *shrugs*

Applied for a language school in Tokyo by the end of May and just recently got my visa approval from the Japanese Bureau of Immigration.

To wrap it up;

I've been studying like crazy for my finals while gathering and translating legal documents for the school application in Tokyoland, working part time to collect some money for Tokyo and also, I was trying to keep up with my limited social life =/

I booked my flight to September 19. The flight will be taking off at around 6:30PM and hopefully land to Tokyo September 20 around 11 something in the morning.

Things have been hectic and I totally ignored the blog so sorry!! Though I will be posting loads when I get to Tokyo! I’ve took some photos of my messy room and items which I recently packed for my luggage so I’ll begin by uploading those.

Sore ja~

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見てください^^--watch some street fashion from Tokyo--

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Do check out Scrapture's web-site for more fashion realted images and videos brought to you from the streets of Tokyo(^w^)v

SCRAPTURE Podcast Nov, 2009 from S C R A P T U R E (tm) on Vimeo.

--some art and design--

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I'm liking these。。。

Blue Boat by Xavier Veilhan
Dan Stafford Illustration
The Disco Chair
Art by Gary Fernandez

On 4chan。。。

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For those of you who have been bombarding me with questions on what 4chan is etc... This post is for you.
Yes, I did not answer any of the 4chan related e-mails and yes, I've read them all. If you want to know what 4chan is or how it works, simply google, ask wiki or just go to the forum, spend some time and see for yourself it's that simple. Don't worry, 4chan does not bite(or does it).
For the ones who don't like to read, I've come across this video quite recently on 4chan. It's a TED video and "moot", the creator of 4chan, is talking about his creation very briefly.

☆彡Movies Night

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It's been a while since I last featured some goods from Etsy. I missed browsing through vintage and handmade items!!Tonight, I felt like watching a movie from the old days... Be it Hitchcock, be it Steven Spielberg, Francis Ford Coppola or some other. I just want to see something from the good old classics.
So I thought I'd go with the movies theme and here are my picks from Etsy:
~Click on the images below in order to be directed to the item's home page on Etsy~

New Sunglasses

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I bought this retro Emilio Pucci just the other day (^_^)V

。。。What I'll be listening to and when。。。

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So... International Music Festival is taking place in my city this month. And next month, there will be the Jazz Festival. I'm dying to see some names in both the events.
I did not have the time to see Arvo Pärt @ the international music festival, though I will definitely make time for Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra!! So I'll be enjoying the Vienna Philharmonic June 23rd.
Skipping to the Jazz Festival and July...
This year, I have decided to celebrate my bday with some close friends. I might be leaving the country for at least a year and a half so I wanted to do something different and special if and before that happens.
I have different groups of friends. I know that some would not get along if I gather them in one place so I've decided to split friends into two groups.
On 7th of July, I will enjoy some Imogen Heap with group#1.

On the 10th, with group#2, I will be enjoying some good old Chick Corea Freedom Band.

Finally~ It's out!!

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I've been waiting for this quite a while now. ヂュラララ(Durarara)!!OST is finally out.

Royal Teabags

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Care for some tea o.O?

David Burel+Parra Headphones

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I am not sure how comfortable this would feel but it sure as hell looks amazing!!
~~ Check it out ~~

Take Away Shows by Black XS & la Blogothèque

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!!Check this out!!

What is/Who is Black XS & la Blogothèque o.O??
"Black XS & la Blogothèque are traveling the world, camera in hand, to film those who will make the music of tomorrow. They will stop in 9 countries : Japan, Turkey, Spain, Canada, Great-Britain, Argentina, Mexico, Chile and France.
Meet them here for exclusiveTake Away Shows, made of freedom and music."
Thaken from BlackXSlivesound1 channel on youtube.
Go to Black XS & la Blogothèque's channel on youtube to check out more videos from the project.
See Blogothèque's website HERE
Also see http://en.blackxslivesound.com/ for more sounds and scenes from different countries ;]


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Kowai~ O_O

**2nd on my wishlist**

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!!I want this phone!!

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