Beauty Page 24~~ First Round of Sasa Orders Has Arrived!!

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I wasn't expecting the pack this early!! I was happy with the fast shipment and was kind of hoping for the pack to arrive sooner than the ones before. The reason? I had some bad reactions to some BRTC toner and cream. My face got all red, irritated and dry after couples of times of use. I've got really really sensitive skin and the toner I've used was heavily scented and I guess it contained alcohol. The cream was supposed to sooth my skin but dried it very badly!! Should have known better... So I needed my JUJU cream as soon as possible!! Guess I'm lucky ;p I'm trying not to touch my skin as much as possible so I'll be using the toner after a week when my face gets a bit hydrated and all the rash is gone! So it's going to take me more than 2 weeks to write a review on the toner and the BRTC serum. I'm not even sure if I should use any other product from BRTC (>.<) Anyways... Here are the photos of my package and the goodies it contained!!

Etsy Picks~~ Brand New Treasures from Etsy

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See my new finds and latest favorites from Etsy below. Some random picks of eye catching, unique and creative hand made items that I felt like I had to share!!
Click on the images below to be directed to the item's homepage. Check out the sellers' shops to see more of their goods and designs.

Enjoy~ (^_^)v

~Meet Clio~

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Born in Belgium April 16th 1982, now residing in Montreal, Clio is active and creative in any possible way!! Disguises as your regular woman who rents houses by day. When night falls, she leaves her day skin behind, transforming into; Painter, illustrator and crafster extraordinaire Clio! She also runs this amazing store on Etsy, selling unique retro necklaces. The chit chat begin right after I sent a 'heads up' message, letting her know that one of her items was featured here on my blog. I found out about Clio's paintings later on when I went back to her store page to read a thing or two about her designs and herself. I should say, I love her kind of expression on canvas or any other material on which you can paint-scratch on. Her paintings are colorful, interesting, not at all ordinary; faces, places and figures have character!! Some disturbing but not at the same time :)

She's having a show in Montreal that opens the night of March 11th falling on a Thursday. You may see the detailed information below on the poster about the place and time of the show. Unfortunately, I live quite far away(I'm talking continents) from where the show is going to be so I won't be able to see her art live and get to meet her in person but if YOU are living anywhere near by, GET GOING!!

See her WEBSITE featuring sketches, painting and more information on Clio-don't miss the "interests" section under folder "Biography" ~_^
Check out her store on Etsy to make one of Clio's unique designs yours!
Follow her BLOG
And DO see her show if you're anywhere near Montreal!!!!!

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