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Etsy Picks~~ Basics of Houseware Goodies

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As a typical Cancer with Scorpio rising, I love houseware and decorating. It's a bit tough for me to figure out what color or item would go with what so I usually like to keep the base colors simple(like the couch, carpet; big furniture) and play with lots of color on the details. I am a huge supporter of "less is more" when it comes down to decorating a house. Full, stuffed homes make me feel dizzy o(>.<)o
I present my latest picks and favorites from Etsy below ;]
Click on the images below in order to be directed to the items' home page on Etsy.

Style File 17~~ Presenting... T's OSCARS BEST DRESSED List

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I know, I know, I'm a bit late in posting this but I was kind of busy with this and that... Also, to be honest, I don't really like the Oscars or any other award show =/ Me don't watch usually except for the opening red carpet ceremonies where I get to see all these beautiful ladies and handsome gents walking down the red carpet with their designer dresses-suits looking chic and shiny-high and mighty ;p From head to toe, looking all glamorous, they dress to be looked at and I like to do so. Just for the sake of sharing, below is the list of who I thought killed it with the way they looked at the Oscars.
Did we agree mostly on the list? Any objections? Additions? Subtractions? oO??
What say you?

Etsy Picks~~ Spring Favorites Volume I (^__^)/

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Spring is not my favorite season of the year but since it marks the end of winter and of course the end of the unstable, silly March weather, I happen to like it very much! All the liveliness, the colors and the life spring brings in people's lives are other reasons why the up and coming season is treasured and liked. I wanted to pick some items from Etsy which gives me the feeling of spring. Lots of colors, new beginnings, life, flowers, bugs, birds, clear blue skies etc... I guess we should be getting ready for the new season and what better way to do so than checking out some lovely unique, handmade items on Etsy.
Presenting my ~Etsy Picks for Spring Volume I~
Enjoy \(^_^)/
Click on the images below to find yourself at the item's homepage on Etsy.

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