Naughty Japanese ^^'

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A friend of mine just came back from her 3 months ship journey. She flew out to Japan first; stayed there for a week or so and took a cruise ship to Dubai, Singapore, India and some more countries which I can not remember at the moment. Sounds amazing doesn't it?!? She brought back some snacks and little gifts for me :) I mostly loved these cocoa cookie bars covered with chocolate in the shape of a penis!! XD You have got to love the Japanese. They come up with these whimsical, naughty, fun things that makes it impossible for you get bored there on Japan land ^__^ She bought them from Okinawa where she loved. I haven't been there yet but I most certainly will be some time around next year. She couldn't carry the whole box of cookies because the box was too large but she cut off the front of the box and squeezed it in her luggage because she just had to bering it;
see "why?"
v below v
Sorry again, I had to take the photo with my phone and the cookie looks very blurry ><

A Tasty-Fun Discovery

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A good friend of mine introduced me to this very cute restaurant last night. Unfortunately, I did not have my camera with me so I took the photos with my cell-phone's camera. Though the phone's battery died soon after we ordered so I did not have a chance to take a photo of what I was eating yet again ><>
The entrance was kind of hidden and mysterious. Right after you slide the door you hear a cat "moeeewww"ing and a frog "wraaack"ing. I'm not going to talk a lot about the interior now because I will be updating this post with photos of the interior. Promise with better photo quality this time!!

Style File 16~~ Shoes from leather and stainless steel - Introducing MARLOES

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Form follows function/function follows form? I don't know which is which in the case of Marloes ten Bhömer's couture shoes but I sure as hell do know that they are highly creative, artistic, unique, "provocative and otherworldly". That is why...
!!Me likes these!!

Check them out HERE

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