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Few random Etsy picks.
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Beauty Page 21~~ Kose CoenRich Q10 White Deep Moisture Body Milky Cream

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> It is milky and glides on smoothly on skin. Easier to apply than it's hand cream.
> I use small amounts to cover the specific parts of my body.
> I really think that it's got whitening effects. Thinner skin whitens faster than the thick so I'm waiting a bit more to see results on thicker areas.
> Does not contain any fragrance or perfume(this might be a negative for some).
> It moisturizes really well!! No other body cream(including Bliss) could make my elbows this smooth!!

> The tube is rather small for a long term usage. Japanese make everything small >< > It's not the easiest cream to find online, especially if you live outside US. Not as hard to find some other products but still...

**5 Stars**

Where to purchase:

You may find this cream on J Style Living-> last time I checked, they were out of stock.
Ebay could be another option.
Webichi -> if you live in USA.
BoboDave -> you can send an e-mail to Bobo Dave and he will find this for you in no time!

Style File 15~~ FRUITS -> Your Ultimate Japanese Street Fashion Magazine

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I simply love and adore this magazine!! It serves it's purpose. Consists of pages and pages of street style shots from all over Tokyo. It's the perfect monthly Japanese street style look book. Although it does not cost all that much in Japan(around 540-600yen), it's quite expensive when you intend to buy it online. You can jump to THIS site to subscribe and pay US$126 to receive a copy of this amazing magazine every month for a year. Still not as cheap as buying it from Japan yourself but better than any online deal out there!!

Online Store Discovery

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I stumbled upon this store while searching for a particular product and I'm glad I did!! So far, I'm loving it!! The online store's name is oo35mm. You can find different and unique types of East Asian goods from Beauty to Stationary and various fun types of gift options. It has got an affordable price range and is definitely a good place to order gifts for the loved ones. Since Valentines Day is approaching, I thought oo35mm would broaden the gift options.

Beauty Tip 6~~ A Warm Winter Tip Before Bed (^_^)

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I find it really hard to leave my warm, comfortable and cozy bed in a cold winter morning and hard to get in at night. The sheets are too cold that it's almost a pain to slip in my bed on winter. So what I do is; I use my blow dryer to warm up the sheets and my pillow right before I slip in ~.^ Try it, and you'll find it easier to fall asleep and get a warm good night's rest on a cold winters day.

Style File 14~~ My New ADIDAS Shoes ^w^

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Today, I bought me a new pair of Adidas sneakers. They're silver with white stripes on both sides. At the ankle part of the shoe you can see a purple line circling around the back. Interior is also purple... The lighting in my room is horrific and I happened to take the photos at night without flash. So the purple stripe may look a bit dark blue-ish but it's not!!
A good buy!!
Presenting my brand new Adidas ^w^

Beauty Page 20~~ How to Add Easy Volume to Your Hair-Reccomendation

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I have a round face so I always want some volume at the top of my head(towards my mid-ears) to make my face appear longer and give it an oval look. I have layers on top that no matter what I do, stick to my head like I did nothing!! I am dying to try this product out as I've read some really fantastic reviews from many many users online. What product? OSIS Dust it Powder. Below is a video that shows how to apply the product, how it looks and works. Seems super easy, fast and reviews online read that the style sticks all days long!!
You may also check THIS alternative link out.

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