Beauty Page 21~~ Kose CoenRich Q10 White Deep Moisture Body Milky Cream

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> It is milky and glides on smoothly on skin. Easier to apply than it's hand cream.
> I use small amounts to cover the specific parts of my body.
> I really think that it's got whitening effects. Thinner skin whitens faster than the thick so I'm waiting a bit more to see results on thicker areas.
> Does not contain any fragrance or perfume(this might be a negative for some).
> It moisturizes really well!! No other body cream(including Bliss) could make my elbows this smooth!!

> The tube is rather small for a long term usage. Japanese make everything small >< > It's not the easiest cream to find online, especially if you live outside US. Not as hard to find some other products but still...

**5 Stars**

Where to purchase:

You may find this cream on J Style Living-> last time I checked, they were out of stock.
Ebay could be another option.
Webichi -> if you live in USA.
BoboDave -> you can send an e-mail to Bobo Dave and he will find this for you in no time!


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