Style File 6~~ Rocking Style

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Since I featured a rock group, I thought I'd pick some Rock Chick tops for this episode of Style Blog. Here are some trendy tops for a Rocker Chick look hand picked from Miss Selfridge, Top Shop and Asos.
Enjoy ~_^

Featuring Radwimps

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I love this group Japanese alternative rock band!! It's been a while since I last listened to JRock... Made a comeback with Radwimps. It's actually hard to say that they are Jrock in general. They are also alternative and have a different sound. I love the vocal's voice and unique style. It's nice to hear their sound, I think they're pretty entertaining. I've read that the vocalist is half French and spent a good deal of time in US so his English is pretry good. They also have English songs. I say go check them out!!

I'm Loving BoboDave!!

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Why? Because he goes and gets whatever it is you want and sells it for the lowest price(including shipping) that you can ever find online!! I was searching for Kose Koenrich Q10 Deep Body Moisturizer online and could not find many options (price-wise) to choose from. So I sent an e-mail to Bobodave, asking weather it was possible for him to get this item for me or not because it was not listed on his web-site. He found it in less than an hour and made it available for me for the cheapest price!! On Webichi, one bottle of Kose Coenrich Q10 Deep Body Moisturizer is US$13.59(shipping not included) and webichi don't ship outside US. I found one on Ebay for US$26 including shipment O_O So what was BoboDave's price? Two bottles for US$32 including shipping!!! Great no?
So if you have an item request, run to BoboDave to get the best prices and your wished for product.

Random Etsy Picks

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Some random picks from my Etsy Favorites file. Wish I could have 'em all ^^;
Oh and lately, I have this thing for type writers. It just has to be there!! I've 'favorite'd like 5-6 of them in various colors already. Dunno why but for now, I'm kind of obsessed with type writers oO

Enjoy ~_^

Beauty DIY Tip for Skin Brightening

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Here's another beauty tip Song Hye Gyo shared with the reporters for brightening. If it's Hye Gyo giving the tip, you have got to try no matter what! She's got one of the most clear and porcelain skin that makes you want to do whatever it takes to achieve the same look. So here's one of the things she says she does to achieve that bright skin;

You'll Need:

> 1/2 table spoon of honey
> 1 table spoon water
Mix them throughly and apply on your face every fortnight before going to bed. Let the mask sit on your face for about 15-20 minutes then wash it off with lukewarm water. Apply the mask after cleaning your face and before applying your moisturizer.

I'll be trying...

My New 'MUST Watch' Anime...

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It's been a long while since I last watched an anime. I usually stick with manga these days and they as well have gotten fewer than usual. Couple of days ago, a hard core otaku friend sent me a message that read "A new Mahjong anime!! Koizumi, Putin, Papa Bush, Yulia Tymoshenko, and the Pope are playing mahjong to decide the fate of the world against the Nazi empire who has secretly built a new empire on the surface of the moon and Hitler is back for revenge." My reaction 1- O_O 2- *w* 3- XD "MUST WATCH"!! After Hetalia, I think this is going to be one of my favorite political animes. You should know that I've been playing Japanese Mahjong for a long while now(and no, it's not the game featured on your cell phone. That's Chinese Mahjong.)^_^ My Japanese friends call me 'ojiisan' for that but I really don't care. Me likes the game!! Maybe I should go read it's manga first... oO For those of you who are wondering, the name of the manga is: Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku

My 2010 Diary-Agenda by Shinzi Katoh

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Just for the sake of sharing...
It's pretty cute, which is weird because I usually don't like cute stuff =/

Beauty Page 8~~ Caudalie Vinexpert Anti-Aging Serum Eyes and Lips Review

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To tell you the truth, I don't need anti-aging around both my eye and lip areas. I purchased this serum because of the reviews I read online on how it magically gets rid of the puffiness and dark circles on your under eye and that, I needed!! I stay up pretty late and sleep 'till late since most of my time needs to be spent in front of the computer. So did this work? It did!! And I'm beginning to think that it's got some magical thingy in it that works on the second use or even the first!! I am loving this product and not only because it works. It's all natural, paraben and alcohol free plus, not tested on animals!! The last one goes for all Caudalie products. It's very easy to apply and the tiniest amount is more than enough for both your eyes and around your lips.

Who should use?
If you begin to see some fine lines around your eye and lip area, go for this product!!
If you, like me, are a night person and hate to see puffed eyes with dark under eye circles early in the morning, this is just the product for you!!

You may use another product after Caudalie Vinexpert just to moisturize the skin around the lips and eye area.

Click on the images to shop or view more information on the product.

Style File 5~~ Vivienne Westwood for Melissa

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I am loving the shoes Vivienne Westwood have designed for Melissa. I love how Westwood has something new to offer in each of her designs. She has an endless imagination and a very young mind for design. Luv her to bits! Especially the edgy pieces she throw on the runway!! So here are the shoes she's designed for Melissa ~_^

Click on the images to read detailed description of the shoes, view more visuals and/or shop the goods!

Beauty DIY Tip for Skin Whitening

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I was going through some article on Korean celebrities when I bumped into this DIY recipe. Some of you definitely know who Song Hye Gyo is. For the ones who don't, she is one of the prettiest actresses in South Korea. She is most famous for her beauty and clear, porcelain skin. So this article claims that Hye Gyo shared her beauty secrets and gave out some DIY tips for whitening.
Here's Song Hye Gyo's recipe for skin whitening:
> One fresh egg white.
> A spoon full of honey.
Clean your face first. Mix the egg white and honey and stir until the egg white gets bubbly. Apply on your face and wait until the mask dries. Rinse the mixture off with loads of water. Apply this mask every once in two weeks.

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