I'm Loving BoboDave!!

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Why? Because he goes and gets whatever it is you want and sells it for the lowest price(including shipping) that you can ever find online!! I was searching for Kose Koenrich Q10 Deep Body Moisturizer online and could not find many options (price-wise) to choose from. So I sent an e-mail to Bobodave, asking weather it was possible for him to get this item for me or not because it was not listed on his web-site. He found it in less than an hour and made it available for me for the cheapest price!! On Webichi, one bottle of Kose Coenrich Q10 Deep Body Moisturizer is US$13.59(shipping not included) and webichi don't ship outside US. I found one on Ebay for US$26 including shipment O_O So what was BoboDave's price? Two bottles for US$32 including shipping!!! Great no?
So if you have an item request, run to BoboDave to get the best prices and your wished for product.


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