Beauty Page19~~ Japanese Beauty Secret: Camellia Oil

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100% pure Camellia Oil(or sometimes powder) is a widely used beauty formula in Japan on both skin and hair. You may use it on your body as a moisturizer; on your face to balance the oil level of your skin, to get rid of acne and to moisturize. Add a few drops in your shampoo and wash your hair to give it shine, moisture and smoothness. Use it alone on dry hair; massage your scalp and whole hair gently from the roots to the ends to treat the hair. "So it's a one in many kind of product" say many Japanese friends of mine. I thought I'd give it a try and see how it works on me.
I should warn you on some things though... If you have dry or normal skin, this might dry out your skin even more. It can also be used by sensitive skins. I have an extremely sensitive skin so if this does not irritate my skin, I doubt it will any other's. But you never know...
I will be buying the 100% natural one so that I can use it for hair, body and face. Some products are only for hair or face so be careful which one you choose.

Where to Purchase:
You may find various types of Camellia oil on Sasa and BoboDave. You can also check Ebay or a China Town near you ;]

Beauty Page 18~~ Anna Sui Beauty Accessories

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I was browsing through YesStyle when I bumped into these chic and cool accessories. I love Anna Sui as a designer. I think her designs are fun, young(Dolly Girl), cool and chic. Her accessories of course are no less than that!! I love her color choices especially and would love to own a dress of her design some time when I have that much money to spare ;p
Here are some things I liked from her beauty accessory collection.
Enjoy ~_^

*Wish List*~~ Fuji Instax Mini 25 Camera

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I have always loved instant cameras. We owned one when I was a kid. We used to move around a lot so my mom would throw anything that she thought was unnecessary and of course, everything other than her own things were not necessary =/ So we ended up losing our Polaroid camera along the way. I would buy a vintage Polaroid if I could find it's film easily online or in stores but it's hard to find :( I like the vintage feeling of the photos taken with an old Polaroid. Nowadays, the only company I know of that produces instant cameras is Fuji. There are three models and Mini 25 is the one I want so badly!! This one is an in between model. Does not have a self timer like it's upgraded version but takes good photos, has got good zoom, flash, a tiny mirror so that you can see your facial expression when you're taking a photo of yourself and an auto focus.
What's on your wish list?

!!Beauty Update!!

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My Kose White Deep Moisture Body Milky Cream from Bobo Dave has finally arrived and in a very short amount of time!! Great service, “Hurray!! \(^_^)/” for Bobo Dave!! I’m going to get to try the cream out for the first time tonight, right after a nice warm bath and see if it works as good as it did for my hands. I’ll write a review on it after a week or so…
The packaging is a bit smaller than Bliss Naked Body Butter but it’s only natural since Bliss is 250ml and the Kose tubes are 160ml each. I’m almost done with Bliss but the new tube is on it’s way ^^ If Kose works as well as Bliss does or like how the hand cream works on my hands, I won’t be buying Bliss for a while and go on with Kose. It’s a lot cheaper!!

Beauty Page 17~~ BRTC Protect Multiplex BB Cream Review

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> It's 4 in 1; SPF20/PA++ sun protection, coverage, whitening, has wrinkle repair functions.
> Great for oily skin! It did not make me break out.
> Provides the coverage I need. My face does not need much covering since I don't have acne or acne scars on my face.
> Looks very dark when you first squeeze it out of the tube but blends well even with my pale complexion.
> Stays on the whole day!!
> Does not have any significant scent to it which is great for my highly sensitive nose.

> Very thick. Not easy to apply.
> I feel like it's clogging up my pores but I'm sure it's because of the thickness.
> When you use a bit more than you should, it fills in the holes your facial expressions dig. Does not look flattering =/

Where to Purchase:
I bought mine from Ebay.
Sasa also has BRTC.

This one might not suit dry skins. BRTC has a chart that helps you pick the right BB Cream for your skin type.

Style File 13~~ Random Fashion Picks

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I like to wear dresses. Not because I like to look girly or feminine but simply because it's easy! No need to think if your bottom is matching your top or stress over what to match with what (><)/ When I wear separates, I go for jeans and t-shirts so you may guess that I have loads of jeans t-shirts hanging in my closet ;] Here are some random dress picks from Asos.
How do you like them (or don't)? oO


~ ~
Zipia changes skin!! I'm liking the fresh new look for the site as well as the new and exciting additions like "Style" and "Trendy" files.
Check the site out to see if you will like it as much as I did ;]

Style File 12~~ Carey Mulligan

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To be honest, I don't know much about this girl because I haven't done any research on her or read any column featuring Carey Mulligan. All I did was to look at her daily and special events style photos. So I can only speak of things I have seen and I am very much liking what I've seeing so far from her pale skin to her short hair style; from the colors and styles she choose, matching perfectly to her body shape (also complimenting her skin tone) to her choice of accessories. She looks inspirational, chic, cool and unique!!
What do you think?

Style File 11~~ Looks of the Day

~ ~
Elie Saab dresses and Isabel Lucas. I dig all the looks today!! ^^

Style File 10~~ Japan Goes Nail Artsy (>.<)

~ ~
When you go to Tokyo and roam around Daikanyama, Omotesando, Harajuku, Shibuya, Ginza; basically any fashion forward district, try to catch a glimpse of girl's nails. Japanese do nails better than any nation I've seen do!! I don't know what to say to the Hello Kitty nails but hey, that's Japan for you... Below are some photos I found taken from the Nail Expo in Tokyo which took place some time ago. Crazy huh?

Beauty Page 16~~ Love+Toast

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Meet the stylish packaging of Love+Toast hand creams. I love how each and every one of the creams look and they sure make me want to try them out and carry them in my purse. Each tube is 35gr and costs US$10. You can find them and make one(or more) yours on Beauty Habit. From left to right; Mandarin Tea, Pomme Poivre, Honey Coconut, Sugar Grapefruit, Gin Blossom and Paper Flower.

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