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100% pure Camellia Oil(or sometimes powder) is a widely used beauty formula in Japan on both skin and hair. You may use it on your body as a moisturizer; on your face to balance the oil level of your skin, to get rid of acne and to moisturize. Add a few drops in your shampoo and wash your hair to give it shine, moisture and smoothness. Use it alone on dry hair; massage your scalp and whole hair gently from the roots to the ends to treat the hair. "So it's a one in many kind of product" say many Japanese friends of mine. I thought I'd give it a try and see how it works on me.
I should warn you on some things though... If you have dry or normal skin, this might dry out your skin even more. It can also be used by sensitive skins. I have an extremely sensitive skin so if this does not irritate my skin, I doubt it will any other's. But you never know...
I will be buying the 100% natural one so that I can use it for hair, body and face. Some products are only for hair or face so be careful which one you choose.

Where to Purchase:
You may find various types of Camellia oil on Sasa and BoboDave. You can also check Ebay or a China Town near you ;]


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