!!Beauty Update!!

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My Kose White Deep Moisture Body Milky Cream from Bobo Dave has finally arrived and in a very short amount of time!! Great service, “Hurray!! \(^_^)/” for Bobo Dave!! I’m going to get to try the cream out for the first time tonight, right after a nice warm bath and see if it works as good as it did for my hands. I’ll write a review on it after a week or so…
The packaging is a bit smaller than Bliss Naked Body Butter but it’s only natural since Bliss is 250ml and the Kose tubes are 160ml each. I’m almost done with Bliss but the new tube is on it’s way ^^ If Kose works as well as Bliss does or like how the hand cream works on my hands, I won’t be buying Bliss for a while and go on with Kose. It’s a lot cheaper!!


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