Beauty Page 7~~ Kose Seikishou Whitening Mask Review

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> Smells nice.
> Like the packaging, it's cute.
> Black mask, is interesting.
> Gives your face a cool, refreshing feeling.
> Unlike many bad reviews I've read on how hard it is to apply to the face, I myself proved all those wrong. It's actually pretty easy to apply and does come out your finger quite easily.
> Does whiten.

> I found it to be too harsh on the skin. Facial hair comes out and it hurts!!
> I would not recommend this on sensitive skins. My skin is pretty sensitive so it did not give me the feeling that it should. Gave me a bit of skin irritation. Nothing major but still... I would prefer the Silk Whitia Masks!!


Beauty Page 6~~ Bring the Japanese Hot Srpings to Your Bath

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Winter is the best season to enjoy the hot springs especially in Japan. Meet Tabi no Yado bath salts. Each box has 15 packs of bath salts that contain aroma, mineral contents, and moisturizing ingredients from Japanese famous hot spring. You can enjoy the Japanese hot springs in your own house at your own bath with Tabi no Yado. Just choose one of the famous hot spring spots in Japan (Noboribetsu, Kusatsu, Hakone, Shirahama, and Beppu), fill in your bath tub and saok in to relax. Each pack gives different color and scent to the water. The scents are not strong and disturbing but does give you the feeling that you are actually soaking in a Japanese hot spring. I love these because they give me a relaxing feeling while smoothing and moisturizing my body. Nice music at the background to set the mood plus some candle lights equals a perfect relaxation after a long and tiresome day. Should say, Hakone is my favorite ^__^

Click on the images above to shop or read more detailed description on Tabi no Yado Bath Salts in
webichi (ships within US only).

Style File 4~~ Work It!

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I love to sleep in the morning so waking up early and trying to fix a look feels like a punishment to me. That's why I usually buy loads of dresses for work since it's the easiest way to go in the morning. Put it on and get out! No need for that huge headache you get early in the morning, while trying to mix and match this with that (>.<) In this blog however, I will be posting some picks of top-bottom options from Asos and Kshoppers for work.

!Click on the look to view or shop!

Style File 3~~ Bags Dipped in Tasty Color *Introducing Morelle*

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I met Morelle not long ago through another blog I like to view from time to time. Was a great find on my part so I also wanted to share this amazing handmade bag brand on Etsy with you. Me specifically loves the color choices and is a huge fan of Morelle Pochette bags. They're on 15% sale at the moment! I'm thinking of saving some in order to make one of those delicious colored Pochette bags mine before the sale is over!! Here's a little feast to your eyes ^_~

Beauty Tip 1~~ A Little Tip for Sleeping

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Try to sleep on your back through out the whole night! Why? Because, sleeping on your back reduces gravitational pull on your face and gives your face a lifting effect. Also, your face won't come in contact with all those germs and bacteria attached to your pillow which may cause breakouts. Sleeping on your face also cause early sagging. As you get older, your face loses it's elasticity and you tend to have longer lasting pillow marks on your face in the morning. So do try to make, sleeping on your back, a habit for your face's own good ;]



Beauty Page 5~~ Shiseido Tsubaki Shampoo Review

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> Has a light, heavenly scent(Camellia flower) which is not over powering.
> Gave shine and smoothness to my hair after only a few applications.
> Just a little bit is enough for one use.
> Washes off very easily.
> I feel that my scalp and hair are much more healthier than they used to be after a week's use.
> I believe that it gets rid of dandruff.

I don't have anything I don't like about this product other than it's packaging maybe. It's the best shampoo I have ever come across!! There is also the Golden Repair series for brittle hair. If you use hair coloring, hair sprays, moose or any other related product a lot, I would recommend you to use the Tsubaki Golden Repair shampoo instead of this.

Where to Purchase:
Bobo Dave -> 550ml for US$11.46 (Shipping not included)
Sasa -> 220ml for US$6.70 (Shipping not included)
J Style Living -> 550ml for US$16.14 (Shipping not included)

Style File 2~~ Warm Winter Picks

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Where I live, you get to feel winter right when February knocks on your door hands full with snow and winds. Winter is not my favorite season of the year and I have quite good reasons to why;
1> Because I'm petite, I look like a little panda trying to keep myself warm with all those layers I pull on myself =/
2> It looks like I borrowed a wig from the wicked witch of the West because my hair never stays the way I style it. Rules of gravity do not seem to apply for my hair in winter o(>.<)o
3> Side walks get icy and I'm clumsy ^^;

There are more reasons to why I don't enjoy winter as much but I guess the top three are more than enough to support the point.

Below are some picks of handmade winter goods from Etsy to keep you warm while looking stylish in the harsh winter weather.

Style File 1~~ *Romance with Marchesa*

~ ~
I have this little thing for special days... I do not like to celebrate them though I do respect people who do. Since Valentines Day is nearing and there are loads of articles and items online related to this topic, I couldn't help but be reminded of some goods that has a romantic feel to them. I found myself browsing through, searching for some nice dress to wear for that day just for the fun of it. I can not keep myself away from Marchesa when I think of Romantic Dresses!! It's one of the best places to look for feminine dresses that give you a fairy or a goddess like feeling. Here are some of the dresses I've picked up from Marchesa to share with you ^__^

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