Style File 2~~ Warm Winter Picks

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Where I live, you get to feel winter right when February knocks on your door hands full with snow and winds. Winter is not my favorite season of the year and I have quite good reasons to why;
1> Because I'm petite, I look like a little panda trying to keep myself warm with all those layers I pull on myself =/
2> It looks like I borrowed a wig from the wicked witch of the West because my hair never stays the way I style it. Rules of gravity do not seem to apply for my hair in winter o(>.<)o
3> Side walks get icy and I'm clumsy ^^;

There are more reasons to why I don't enjoy winter as much but I guess the top three are more than enough to support the point.

Below are some picks of handmade winter goods from Etsy to keep you warm while looking stylish in the harsh winter weather.


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