Beauty Page 3~~ Silk Whitia Anti-Oxidation Whitening Mask

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> After application, my face feels clean, fresh, plump and young. Great treat for the face!!
> You would be amazed by it's whitening effect!!
> Make up looks and sticks much better after I use this mask.


> The paper mask is too big for my face (>.<) > A bit pricey to use more than once a week.


**5 Stars**

> You can apply the remaining cream in the bag onto your face after 10 minutes(mask should stay on for 15-20min.). You may also apply some of the remaining cream to your neck area.

Where to Purchase:
If you want to purchase the mask or read more reviews on it, you can visit Sasa. I could not find any other place to purchase this mask online. Sasa has a promotion on all Silk Whitia masks at the moment so if you're planning to buy this one or any other Silk Whitia mask, don't miss your chance! Buy one, get one for free!


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