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Srawberrynet has sent me this cute little snowflake necklace alongside the Bliss Naked Body Butter. I love it ^_^

> Very smooth and easy to apply.
> Does not stick on your clothes, even if you dress right after the application.
> Is scent and alcohol-free.
> Moisturizes dry skin perfectly without leaving an oily look.
> Gives skin a silky smooth feel.

> I have read in many reviews that applying it once, after you get out of the bath is enough. In my case, it isn't. It does moisturize for a long time but I still do feel the need to apply once more in a day.

I think Bliss Body Butters are perfect for normal to dry skin. I would highly recommend this product especially in harsh winter weather!! If you like some nice scent to your cream, you can also find Bliss with Lemon+Sage and Vanilla+Bergamot scents.



Where to Purchase:
Glow-> US$35(shipping free within US)


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