Trip to Seoul!!

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Me and some friends are planning a trip to Korea this summer. Most probably, I will be joining the fun from Japan.. The trip packs you buy from Japan to Korea are very cheap though it's only for a short amount of time. Maybe I'll get to find some longer package because my friends are planning to stay in Seoul for like a month. Unfortunately, I can not make it that long since I have to go back to Japan but I'm planning to squeeze as much time as possible into this trip!! I love Korea XD
So~ I bought a Lonely Planets Seoul travel guide from Ebay for cheap and have been reading it a lot lately, trying to get familiar with the city ;p Just for the sake of sharing, here's the guide I purchased online from Ebay. It's the most recently published one so does contains the latest Seoul updates. I will however buy another guide book from Japan just before I take my leave.

Japanese Candy (>w<)

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Loads of sweets from Japan this month!! Another good friend of mine sent me this cute little box that contains small white&pink Japanese rice candy and a jelly in the shape of a tiger. The reason why the jelly is shaped as a tiger is because this is the year of the tiger according to the Chinese astrology. So this was a Chinese new years gift for me from dear Michiko ^__^

Japanese Sweets&Snack *Q*

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I had a friend visit me from Tokyo last week ^_^ We've been good friends for almost 2 years now and it was very nice to see her, spend time with her for a whole week!! Since I love almost every Japanese sweets and snacks, I told her to bring me the ones she love so that I don't have to order the whole sweets and snacks section of the Supaa or Kombini(super market-convinience store). My eyes brightened up as soon as I saw the package prepared for me and of course I begin to drool ;p So here's what I've been eating the whole week kekeke~~ ~_^
>The first three photos are Japanese rice crackers. There are many types of rice crackers that you can find in Japan; salty plain, with sugar, with spices etc. This one Fuyumi brought me is the plain salty one and it's so damn delicious!
>>The second set of photos... Hmm how should I explain... Fried crackers dipped in melted Japanese brown sugar. They do seem like a pack of poop but believe me, they taste so good!!
>>>Below that are Fujiya's Country Ma'am Choco Chip Soft Cookies with two flavors; vanilla and cocoa. There are also packs with 5 flavors, strawberry being one of them I love! They are smaller in size compared to an average American chocolate chip cookie.
>>>>Last but not least, is a pack of pochy by Meiji that is dipped into white chocolate. Mmmm... *Q*
Ja~ Itadakimasu!!

Beauty DIY~~ Aspirin Mask

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I've been searching for the right type of exfoliator for my skin when I came across this skin recipe. The first time I read the title I was more than hesitant to try this mask out so I ended up skipping to other DIYs paying not much attention to this recipe. I came back to it when I coinsidentaly bumped into some raving reviews on this home made exfoliator most recently. It is said that this mask exfoliates deeply and gently while preventing your skin from aging though making it a bit more voluranable to the negative effects of the sun. So if you ever decide on trying this mask, make sure you apply your sunscreen(at least spf 30) after words.
I haven't tried it yet though after reading so many positive reviews on it, I will definitely give it a go.
So here's how it's done...


1- 3 tablets of uncoated aspirin.
2- 2-3 drops of honey.
3- 1-2 tea spoon water.

Wet the apirin tablets with water. Dissolve them in the water(smash with fingers). Add the honey in and blend well. Apply on face with circular motion, gently exfoliating your face. Let it sit for 15 minutes then wash off with lukewarm water.

Good luck!!
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