Trip to Seoul!!

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Me and some friends are planning a trip to Korea this summer. Most probably, I will be joining the fun from Japan.. The trip packs you buy from Japan to Korea are very cheap though it's only for a short amount of time. Maybe I'll get to find some longer package because my friends are planning to stay in Seoul for like a month. Unfortunately, I can not make it that long since I have to go back to Japan but I'm planning to squeeze as much time as possible into this trip!! I love Korea XD
So~ I bought a Lonely Planets Seoul travel guide from Ebay for cheap and have been reading it a lot lately, trying to get familiar with the city ;p Just for the sake of sharing, here's the guide I purchased online from Ebay. It's the most recently published one so does contains the latest Seoul updates. I will however buy another guide book from Japan just before I take my leave.


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