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I've mentioned on previous other posts that I do not use much makeup. I only apply a BB cream and blush(that is pretty seldom); use a mascara, lip balm and lip gloss. And those are basically all I apply on my face. Why? Because I really don't know how to apply proper makeup. Me never had the urge or passion to learn how to =/ I always thought that bare face was the best!! I feel uncomfortable with makeup and my face does not need much coverage anyways... My eyes are the best features on my face IMO so I like to put emphasis on them with a volumizing mascara and sometimes by using an eye liner.
Lately, I've been thinking. . . . Thinking that I should at least learn some things or two about makeup. So I bought a professional makeup brush set and begin to watch some makeup tutorials on YouTube. I discovered loads of people on YouTube who give makeup tutorials and call themselves "guru"s. To tell you the truth, I only enjoyed watching two Tubers; first being Michelle Phan and second BeautyQQ.
Check them out, help me out and wish me luck!
HERE are my brushes from Sigma. I've read that Sigma brushes are same quality as MAC brushes but cheaper.

The complete brush kit I purchased contains 12 brushes;
1- Powder brush 2- Foundation brush 3-Duo Fibre brush 4-Large Angles Countour brush 5- Concealer brush 6- Medium Angled Shading brush 7- Small Angle brush 8- Large Shader brush 9- Pencil brush 10- Tapered Blending brush 11- Eyeliner brush 12- Eye Shading brush
This set cost me US$69 which is cheap compared to many other brand's brush sets.


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