Style File 8~~ Retro Sunglasses

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I'm loving these!!
Especially the one in the middle!!

by Cutler and Gross


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Today I went to an Italian restaurant with my best friend and had some pasta polpetta di carne(my favorite) with a glass of red Merlot. Do I sound old? Right after that we hopped in a small cozy cafe to eat chocolate suffle and drink coffee. Yumm~ *Q*
I did not have my camera with me so I couldn't take any pics but I sure will next time and share!!
You definitely should try pasta polpetta di carne if you haven't!

Beauty Page 15~~ Feat. Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland Palette Eyeshadow

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I'm liking this!!

Beauty Page 14~~ Keeping Your Hair Dry

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I have just purchased this shower cap from Ebay. I used to use the thin ones before, the disposable ones but they get ripped very easily and I somehow managed to get my hair wet every time I used them. So I decided to buy a better one and see how it will work. I browsed through Ebay to find one that does not have a Hello Kitty print on it and bumped into this apple print retro shower cap ^__^ hehee~ I'll review when it arrives.
~Click to view item on Ebay~

Beauty Page 13~~ Kose CoenRich Q10 White Hand&Finger Red tube vs. Orange tube Review

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Both bottles are 80gr each. The red tube is called 'Deep Moisturizer' and it's texture is more rich compared to the orange tube. The orange tube is more milky, therefore it's easier to apply onto your hands. They both leave a slight sticky feeling though it does not bother me. The red tube moisturizes more than the orange one so it's great for harsh winter weather or for really dry hands. Both have a whitening property which I think really works!! My hands absorbed the orange tube faster but I guess it's only natural since the red tube is more rich. I can not say that you can easily carry them around in your purse. I usually prefer smaller tubes to carry around in my bag but I think the size is good for it's price.

Where to Purchase:

You may find both tubes on Sasa. Click on the product you want to view on Sasa below.
Kose CoenRich Q10 White Deep Moisture Hand&Finger US$4.90
Kose CoenRich Q10 White Hand&Finger US$4.90

BoboDave does not seem to have these products but if you make a request, he may fetch them for you and maybe offer a better deal than Sasa does. Don't forget to check Ebay and Amazon out to find better deals.

~~Some Illustrations I love~~

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Sadi Guran is an illustrator I've discovered through a music magazine. He did several illustrations for the magazine as well as various party posters all around the city. It was love at first sight!! I simply adore his works... I wanted to share some of my favorites from Sadi Guran with you on this post. You can check more of his illustrations HERE on his Deviantart account.

Etsy Purchase~~Retro Pouch~~

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I've mentioned on a previous post that I've purchased another pouch from Etsy and here it is. It has arrived earlier but I didn't have the time to share =/ This one is quite retro ;p I love scooter prints and I also love an actual scooter. Too bad my city is not very scooter friendly. If I lived in Italy, Spain or some small island, I'd definitely own a white scooter and many colorful vintage helmets to go with it!! ^___^
I took the photo at night with flash so the color looks black but it's actually navy blue. I put my mascara, hand cream, lip balm, lip gloss, blush, sunscreen and small mirror in this one. It's not so small or not too big. I can fit many things in it and it does not take up much space in my bag.
You can check the pouch out on Etsy HERE

Beauty Page 12~~ Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus Mascara Review

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> It does make your eye lashes look longer than they are.
> I like the packaging, it looks chic.

> The brush does not separate my eye lashes and make them look bushy which is a big minus for me because I like them to =/
> It's waterproof so is a bit hard to wipe it off your lashes even with a good eye makeup remover. Some people might like this but I don't. I prefer mascaras which I can easily wipe off with lukewarm water.

**3 Stars**

I haven't tried but maybe this would work well with another brand like Lancome Hypnose. Hypnose separates my eye lashes perfectly and make them feel bushy and rich. However, it does not give your lashes the effect that they are long, at least not like Majolica Majorca. So these two or some other brand you like would work great both ways. Though if you are looking for long lashes only, this is a great product for you.

Where to Purchase:
Mihoko Shop

Style File 7~~ Tokyo Street Style feat. Style-Arena

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Since I'm a huge fan of fashion, I usually try to catch the latest trends on streets from Europe to Asia, all over the world. There are sites online where you can find random street shots of latest street fashion trends and get to see what people all over the world are wearing at the moment. I like to view different city fashions and mix them all up the way I like and create my own unique style.

In this post, I wanted to share Style-Arena with you, where you can find weekly street style shots from different districts in Tokyo, Japan. You may also find unique shops located in Tokyo together with visuals and details.

I'm a huge fan of Japanese fashion. I think it's unique as a whole and also individually. If you're wondering what youngsters in Tokyo are wearing at the moment, do check Style-Arena out!!

Beauty Page 11~~ Guerlain Divinora Radiant Blush #505 Beige Chair Review

~ ~
> Looks very natural when you apply. Like you have natural blushed cheeks.
> Lasts pretty long so it's worth the price you pay.
> Stays on all day long without having to re-apply.
> This color I have is pink/peach which goes with everything and the texture is great.
> It's matte but not dull.
> Works great on my oily skin.

> It's a bit heavy and bulky to carry around in your purse. I don't much like the packaging.
> The brush is too small =/
> The scent is not so unpleasant but it's a bit too intense ><
I've been using this product for a long while. If you like to look natural like I do and if you have got fair skin, this blush is just for you. The brand also has very nice rose tones I want to try next time. Daily, I do not use much makeup. Just a blush and a mascara and lip gloss is enough for me. I occasionally use a BB cream but it's too rare. I sometimes don't even use a blush. You can find this on either ebay or strawberrynet.

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