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I've mentioned on a previous post that I've purchased another pouch from Etsy and here it is. It has arrived earlier but I didn't have the time to share =/ This one is quite retro ;p I love scooter prints and I also love an actual scooter. Too bad my city is not very scooter friendly. If I lived in Italy, Spain or some small island, I'd definitely own a white scooter and many colorful vintage helmets to go with it!! ^___^
I took the photo at night with flash so the color looks black but it's actually navy blue. I put my mascara, hand cream, lip balm, lip gloss, blush, sunscreen and small mirror in this one. It's not so small or not too big. I can fit many things in it and it does not take up much space in my bag.
You can check the pouch out on Etsy HERE


Dyche Designs said...

What fun.

PussDaddy said...

I have some of her stuff too. It's really nice.


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