Beauty Page 9~~ Kiss Me Sunkiller Whitening Water Suncreen SPF50+ PA+++ Review

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> A small amount is enough to cover the whole face.
> Does not stain clothes.
> Very easy to apply.
> Does not leave face looking white
> I really think that it’s got strong whitening properties.
> The bottle is very small, you can easily carry it around in your purse.
> Does not leave face looking oily. I think it’s great for people who have oily skin like me.
> It also does not cause any excess sebum secretion on the T-zone area.

> Smells kind of like a medicine but it does not bother much.
> Even though a small amount is enough to cover the whole face, the bottle is still pretty small(30ml). So this can be a good thing or/and a bad thing. Depends from person to person. For me it’s a good thing because my purse is usually already very full without the sun block ^^’’


**5 STARS**

I love this sunscreen!!
And I highly recommend it, especially to oily skins. However, note that products do not work the same on every person. So do read more reviews on it and more information on the product before you decide to buy!!
You may read more information and reviews on the product on Sasa. If the reviews on Sasa are not enough, you may jump on to Makeup Alley for more.


herana said...

It is so lucky that i come here accidently, the aundant resources makes me excited,thank you!
By Jordan Sneaker

~~T~~ said...

Glad it helped!! =]

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