Beauty Page 11~~ Guerlain Divinora Radiant Blush #505 Beige Chair Review

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> Looks very natural when you apply. Like you have natural blushed cheeks.
> Lasts pretty long so it's worth the price you pay.
> Stays on all day long without having to re-apply.
> This color I have is pink/peach which goes with everything and the texture is great.
> It's matte but not dull.
> Works great on my oily skin.

> It's a bit heavy and bulky to carry around in your purse. I don't much like the packaging.
> The brush is too small =/
> The scent is not so unpleasant but it's a bit too intense ><
I've been using this product for a long while. If you like to look natural like I do and if you have got fair skin, this blush is just for you. The brand also has very nice rose tones I want to try next time. Daily, I do not use much makeup. Just a blush and a mascara and lip gloss is enough for me. I occasionally use a BB cream but it's too rare. I sometimes don't even use a blush. You can find this on either ebay or strawberrynet.


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