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Because I have a sensitive nose, I usually do not wear perfume, instead I use a body splash. There has been loads of perfumes I tried using and testing from very pricey ones to cheap but haven't stuck with any one of them. Scent is very important for me so I want the perfect one!! I usually don't go for Eu de Perfume because they smell strong and over powering. Most Eu de Toilettes are fine, not over powering but I haven't been satisfied with the scents. Perfume smells differently on each skin. The one that smells good on you probably won't smell the same on me. So even if you're using the same perfume with some other, it is not the same. However, I still don't like to use the same perfume with people. There has only been one brand that stole my heart and it's YOHJI by Yohji Yamamoto Pefume for Women. It is not being sold in my country anymore and I will shortly place an order from Japan if I ever find it at a reasonable price because the ones on ebay are just very pricey!!! I can not describe how it smells exatly but it's got a very pleasant, not-overpowering scent that suits my skin perfectly. Not many people can find and use this perfume so it's rare. Use it casually, at night, any time... I say, if you can find it anywhere at a reasonable price, try it!!


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