New Anime: Trailer for Susumu Kudo's "Mardock Scramble: The First Compression"

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I was gazing through the 4chan forum /a/ thread when I came across a new anime trailer. I can not wait to see this one, it looks amazing!! I thought I'd share the trailer here with all.
For those of you who do not know about the 4chan forums... Do not enter to see if you are under 18 and I mean it! Disturbed people, topics, threads, photos, conversations, videos and the derivatives of the previous are what you will find. And because it's all that and more, I like it ;p Not your average threads and forums so watch out and beware kekekeke^^

Ohisashiburi~ (~_^)v

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Yo!! It's been a while since I last posted. Sorry for the wait!! I was practically buried under books and notes, studying for the midterms and I still am. Like in all exam periods, I also watch anime and read loads of manga. They keep me sane!! I wanted to share the trailers of the 2 animes I've been watching.
The first one is Ergo Proxy. Dark anime! From psychology to philosophy; from Greek mythology to art history, plus several -ists and -isms packed in one! Derrida, Decartes, Berkley, Lacan, Michalengelo, Icarus and many more... Ergo Proxy blew my mind. Plot, colors, drawings, sound, characters... Each were highly successful therefore I highly recommend this to all, over +20 who like some dark, mind poking anime ;)

The second anime I've been watching is called Durarara. This one is created by the exact same people who did Baccano! and is still going on. It's sick and amazing :) Characters are exaggerated, unique, disturbed and the plot is very well written(so far). Motion, drawings and all the other elements that make up a good anime are gathered in this one. Very entertaining, not so much mind boggling like Ergo Proxy but definitely worth watching. It will entertain you I promise!!! No matter whatever anime genre you like, you're going to love this one. Oh, and if you haven't checked Baccano! out yet, be sure that you do!! 13 episodes in total, too many well drawn and written characters; simple, clean, fun story line.
Enjoy the trailers ~.^

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