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It's been a while, I know though I'm not sorry ;p I've been through this hell of an exam period and needed some time to rest. I'm done resting and back on track! I've saved many things to post so I'm going to be sharing loads very soon so check back often.
I'll be moving away to a new country in a couple of months and will be living alone. So when I browse through Etsy or any other place alike, I check for home decor accessories and furniture.
Here are the latest items I would love to have in my house. These posts are going to help a lot in a few months when I am going to have to buy some stuff for the house. There are some nice fabricated furniture and accessories out there for home decor but I like my stuff to be more unique and personal. That is why I always love to browse through Etsy to find me some unique handmade items to buy.
The retro side tables, love the color!
The robotic teapot reminds me of Howl's Moving Castle for some reason so it needs to be in my kitchen!
I adore the colors and the graphics of the pillow!
Need to eat on that Arctic Monkeys Plate!
UFO print cups... Robot prints, UFO prints -> I adore. I also love the design of the cups.
SteamLight Desk Lamp... Innovative, unique, looks amazing!
Enjoy (^_^)v
Click on the images to be directed @the item's home page to read some detailed information on the item and to purchase ~.^

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