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I had a friend visit me from Tokyo last week ^_^ We've been good friends for almost 2 years now and it was very nice to see her, spend time with her for a whole week!! Since I love almost every Japanese sweets and snacks, I told her to bring me the ones she love so that I don't have to order the whole sweets and snacks section of the Supaa or Kombini(super market-convinience store). My eyes brightened up as soon as I saw the package prepared for me and of course I begin to drool ;p So here's what I've been eating the whole week kekeke~~ ~_^
>The first three photos are Japanese rice crackers. There are many types of rice crackers that you can find in Japan; salty plain, with sugar, with spices etc. This one Fuyumi brought me is the plain salty one and it's so damn delicious!
>>The second set of photos... Hmm how should I explain... Fried crackers dipped in melted Japanese brown sugar. They do seem like a pack of poop but believe me, they taste so good!!
>>>Below that are Fujiya's Country Ma'am Choco Chip Soft Cookies with two flavors; vanilla and cocoa. There are also packs with 5 flavors, strawberry being one of them I love! They are smaller in size compared to an average American chocolate chip cookie.
>>>>Last but not least, is a pack of pochy by Meiji that is dipped into white chocolate. Mmmm... *Q*
Ja~ Itadakimasu!!


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