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To tell you the truth, I don't need anti-aging around both my eye and lip areas. I purchased this serum because of the reviews I read online on how it magically gets rid of the puffiness and dark circles on your under eye and that, I needed!! I stay up pretty late and sleep 'till late since most of my time needs to be spent in front of the computer. So did this work? It did!! And I'm beginning to think that it's got some magical thingy in it that works on the second use or even the first!! I am loving this product and not only because it works. It's all natural, paraben and alcohol free plus, not tested on animals!! The last one goes for all Caudalie products. It's very easy to apply and the tiniest amount is more than enough for both your eyes and around your lips.

Who should use?
If you begin to see some fine lines around your eye and lip area, go for this product!!
If you, like me, are a night person and hate to see puffed eyes with dark under eye circles early in the morning, this is just the product for you!!

You may use another product after Caudalie Vinexpert just to moisturize the skin around the lips and eye area.

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