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It's got pore diminishing effect, anti-aging properties and gives face a refreshing feeling. The poor diminishing effect worked on me in less than a month. It's an amazing product to use in summer and is a great treat for the face while on a plane. After use, my face feels plump, clean, fresh and young.

To me, it smells bad. I've read lots of reviews on this product online and there were many different opinions on it's scent. So my advice would be to see for yourself. This product contains alcohol which is a minus for me. I do not like to apply products containing alcohol on my face or body so instead of using it twice, I only use this once a day, before I go to bed.

How to use:
After cleaning your face, shake the bottle two-three times, close your eyes and spray on your forehead first, keeping it about 10cm away from your face. Keep your eyes and mouth closed then go down to your nose and chin next to spray. Wait until it dries on your skin before applying your moisturizer. I use it as a toner.

Where to Purchase:
If you are an American resident, see to purchase Caudalie Beauty Elixir for only $15, shipping free!! Glow also ships internationally but not every item so if you are not residing in USA, you might want to check glow out to see if they ship the item to your area or not.


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