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So... International Music Festival is taking place in my city this month. And next month, there will be the Jazz Festival. I'm dying to see some names in both the events.
I did not have the time to see Arvo Pärt @ the international music festival, though I will definitely make time for Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra!! So I'll be enjoying the Vienna Philharmonic June 23rd.
Skipping to the Jazz Festival and July...
This year, I have decided to celebrate my bday with some close friends. I might be leaving the country for at least a year and a half so I wanted to do something different and special if and before that happens.
I have different groups of friends. I know that some would not get along if I gather them in one place so I've decided to split friends into two groups.
On 7th of July, I will enjoy some Imogen Heap with group#1.

On the 10th, with group#2, I will be enjoying some good old Chick Corea Freedom Band.


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